Friday, October 1, 2010

Glass Painting Tutorial

Materials Required :

1. Glass outliner

2. Glass Paints (Solvent based or water based)

3. Nailpolish Remover(Used to remove unwanted portions)

4. Piece of Cloth


1. Clean the glass so as to get a smooth surface.

2. Select a pattern which has clear outlines with minimum possible curves and pointed corners.

3. Make outlines of the pattern on the glass with the help of glass liner.

4. Allow it to dry (10 to 15mins)

5. Now use the colors to fill in the pattern with uni-directional strokes

6. If any bubbles are made in the colors while painting, then pierce them with needle or a pin.

7. Avoid applying two coats of paint in any portion of the pattern.

8. Allow the painting to dry

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